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Posted by on Dec 30, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

What happens when barriers are broken

In the 1950’s, after rigorous testing and mathematical computations of the physics of our anatomy, experts concluded that the human body could not run a mile in under four minutes.  Scientists concluded it was a physical impossibility.

The current world record for the mile is 3 minutes and 43 seconds.  This is what happens when barriers are broken.  Human potential becomes unlimited.

You may not initially make a connection between happiness and human performance but consider Aristotle’s definition of happiness as human flourishing.

When human beings are happy, they flourish.

They run a 3 minute and 43 second mile; they increase sales by 37%; they increase production by 31%; they increase their accuracy on tasks by 19%.  In fact, happiness raises nearly every business and educational outcome.

What limits have you put on yourself, your organization, your business?  What artificial limits are preventing you from being your best?

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