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Posted by on Dec 22, 2015 in Blog, Experience Life, Gratitude, Happiness, Meditation, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Choose to be happy…Sounds so easy!

Choose happiness … it is something I hear a lot.  And I really wish it were that easy – just make a choice to be happy and you will be.  Believe me I have tried!  And it didn’t work.


Although not as simple as wishing it to be true, I do believe that I am in control of my own happiness. Unfortunately,  I haven’t found a magic formula to flip the switch on.  What I have found is that I can control my experience of happiness, deliberately doing the things that I know contribute to my happiness.

  • Feeling and expressing gratitude.
  • Being kind.
  • Taking time to unplug everyday.
  • Rebooting my mind by meditating daily.
  • Finding the good things and celebrating them – all of them – big or small!

Practicing these habits of happiness don’t happen automatically – that’s why they are called habits.  And I have learned a couple of things about habits: 1) developing a habit just “takes as long as it takes” to really stick (don’t give up) and 2) habits are formed easier in my life when I am connected to people that are working to form the same habits (find a community of support)!

So let’s start this New Year together; deliberately choosing to practice the habits of happiness; let’s encourage each other, and be kind to ourselves along the journey!  Join our Meet up group and Facebook group ( to be a part of the Happiness Revolution!



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