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The Happy Matters team is devoted to developing human potential.  We offer various services to give you and your organization the opportunity to understand the significant research on positive psychology and the science of clinical happiness.




The Happy Matters team provides the research-based strategies to transform your organization.  The strategies presented are designed to help you raise every outcome you seek to improve including increased sales, productivity, engagement, resilience and overall performance.

We will not only teach you that happiness, resilience and improved engagement are attainable; we will show you.

The Happy Matters team will provide information and experiences that will create a change in thinking and behavior.  Transformation will result in an increased experience of happiness and contentment.



Happy Matters, Inc. offers your organization consulting services fully customized to meet the unique set of challenges your team faces.  Whether your organization is interested in improving teamwork, enhancing performance, organizational culture assessment, or survey development, the Happy Matters team can accommodate.




Happy Matters, Inc. offers training for corporate environments, as well as seminars for individuals who what to obtain a greater understanding of positive psychology and desire to experience more happiness.  Seminars are designed not only to increase knowledge, but allow participants to actually experience clinical happiness.