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Posted by on Feb 29, 2016 in Blog, Gratitude, Grit, Happiness, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Setbacks, Curve Balls, and Sucker Punches

As I continue on this journey called life, I am often surprised to discover how much more there is to happiness than I realized.   A game changer for me has been the ability to bounce back after a set back.  I have been naive in thinking that “someday” things will settle down – when I get my kids’ college paid for; when I get through this divorce; when I make “enough” money … the list goes on and on.

The reality is that life is full of setbacks, curve balls, and even sucker punches!   One of the greatest things about practicing the habits of happiness is the ability to bounce back.  After two years of committing to finding a “better” way, I have seen the power of a few simple changes.


I encourage you to start today ….
DO gratitude.  It is so easy when life is coming at you full steam to only see the negative.
I write down 3 things I am grateful for each day – no matter how I feel.   I will be honest, some days it is a bit of a struggle.  But I keep looking – a beautiful sunrise on the way to work, a text message from a friend, a great cup of coffee!
I say “Thank you” as often as I can, even for the small things!
I take 10-20 minutes each day to “shut down” and “re-boot.”  Some would call this meditation; it doesn’t matter what you call it, just do it.  Give your brain a chance to recover from the hundreds of stressors thrown at you each day!

Life will always hand us surprises, but we can control how we handle them.  And increase our experience of happiness in the process!!

Join me in increasing your bounce back time!



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