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Posted by on Oct 14, 2015 in Blog, Leadership, Uncategorized | 1 comment

The Unexpected Leader

There is so much discussion about leadership … just search the topic on TED!  It continues to be a topic I muse about.  Can you say a person is a leader if they don’t actually have any followers?  What is the importance of a title, certificate, or letters after a person’s name?  After all this musing, I still don’t know much about leadership, but I have made some observations:

  • A leader has the fortitude to take a risk, stand out in the crowd and try something different.
  • A Title, certification or letters after a name, has nothing to do with whether the person is qualified to lead. Some of the greatest leaders lacked a formal education. (Richard Branson, Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Sean Connery, John D. Rockefeller, Rachel Ray click here for more.)
  • The 1st follower of this potential leader is crucial.
    • This 1st follower is actually a leader too … an underestimated one!
    • The 1st follower gives the leader credibility and transforms him from a lone risk-taker to a leader.
    • The 1st follower is the one who invites others to join in, and as more and more members join, a movement starts!


If you have the grit to stand out in the crowd and take a stand, embrace your first follower!  Without them, you really can’t be a leader.  Embrace them as an equal, nurture them and watch what happens!

Don’t forget to have the courage to be the 1st follower too. You are important too! So, join that person who as stepped out there and taken a risk, and then watch as transformation happens!

Remember that our notion of leadership is really distorted.  We need LEADERS and FOLLOWERS!  We have to have both for change to happen! So, whichever it is you are, do it with confidence and enthusiasm!


1 Comment

  1. Great post. Followers are under appreciated. Thoughtful, engaged followers make a huge different.

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