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Why Happy Matters

A positive brain state enables us to perceive stress as an opportunity and challenge rather than a threat.

That’s human resilience and happy people are resilient people.



Research shows that 90% of our happiness comes from the way our brain processes the world.   If we scan the negative first, our brain has no resources left over to see things that we are grateful for or to see the meaning in everyday things.  If we scan the world for positive, we start to see amazing advantages.  Research on neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to change even as an adult) reveals that moderate actions can actually re-write the brain as we create “life habits.”


Confident happy businessman

Happy people experience:

* Reduction in stress and health related symptoms – 23%
* Improvement in job and life satisfaction – 24%
* Increase in productivity – 31%
* Increase in sales – 37%

Happiness raises nearly every business and educational outcome.

What limits have you put on yourself, on your organization?

What is preventing you from being your best?


attractive-19161_1920PERSONAL HAPPINESS

Stress does not discriminate and relentless demands can be overwhelming. The science of stress shows that how you view stress matters, and your brain state determines that.

Discover the power of a positive brain state in reducing stress and raising levels of happiness.